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Interventional Radiology

Do you know our Interventional Specialists save lives using advanced, minimally invasive procedures?

Leading PAD Treatment with Interventional Radiology

Valley Radiology is proud to offer the latest minimally invasive techniques that require a unique combination of skills for treating many conditions that once required traditional surgery. Our Interventional Radiologists use advanced imaging guidance for a timely diagnosis and less invasive interventions minimizing trauma to the body. Unlike major surgery, interventional radiology is often associated with minimal risks, lower costs and faster recovery times.


How Does Interventional Radiology Work?

Interventional radiology is the use of imaging such as x-rays, ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc. for guidance to navigate small instruments, like catheters and needles, through blood vessels and organs to treat a variety of diseases. Our interventional specialists have years of experience and training in performing evidence-based treatments using top-quality imaging.


The Many Advantages of Interventional Radiology

At Valley Radiology, patients trust us to provide reliable, effective, and affordable care and services using the latest and most state-of-the-art radiologic technology. In general, these non-surgical methods are more effective than traditional procedures and go well with lifestyle changes. Patients experience less pain, shorter recovery times, and have fewer infection rates than open surgery.

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